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Published Books: 


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help on horse spread with words
discovering fireflies
empathy spread with words

A rhyming picture book that motivates children to discover their unique, personal STEM learning interests.

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Pre-published Books: 

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Picture Books:

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Safe Shelter

When their home is destroyed in a wildfire, a family must leave everything behind. In lyrical language, SAFE SHELTER highlights the many people who help during and after perilous situations. Dual-narratives connect at the end, emphasizing the personal impact of natural disasters.

“Safe Shelter” is a 210 word picture book that describes the aftermath and those who help during a wildfire. Given the potentially disturbing subject matter, there is an optional foreword (100 words) to guide reading/discussion, in addition to back matter (300 words) that describes the real wildfire and family connection of the author/illustrator. This book will appeal to children who seek comfort in understanding natural disasters.

This manuscript is available for publication/representation.

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An Otter Failure 

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Someone is stealing fish from the Koi Gardens! 


AN OTTER FAILURE comedically details the give & take between a motivated otter and the furry defender of the precious fish. Are you #teamkoi or #teamotter? Keep score, while learning the #10 Fact Family.

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This humorous rhyming picture book of 117 words will appeal to kids aged 3-7 while building math fluency.

This manuscript is available for publication/representation.

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Link to PDF / Manuscript File

Middle Grade: 

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This manuscript is available for publication/representation.

A Room With a Boo

11 yo Max is ready to leap into adventure on his remaining leg. But when he stumbles into a next-door ghost, and a nosy neighbor trying to solve a murder mystery, Max must choose to break his protective boundaries if he wants to discover true friendship.

A ROOM WITH A BOO is a paranormal mystery for Middle Grade readers ages 8-12, complete at 48 000 words. With the “howcatchem” appeal and twisty ending of KNIVES OUT, this book will appeal to young readers of “Ghost Squad” and “City of Ghosts”.

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Link to PDF / Manuscript File

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