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A review of E6000 Spray Adhesive.

E6000 Spray Adhesive – I had not seen this product before, and was interested because it’s rated for indoor use, and because E6000 is an excellent glue in other forms. Because it isn't aerosol (and not atomized) this would not be a good glue for large pieces (say over about 5-6 inches) because I think it would be hard to get a consistent spray. But it could work well for small pieces I need to add such as accent colors.

Amazon purchase link:

I also saw it in Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, so it is not difficult to find.


This glue could be pulled out quick for a small piece to be made into a double layer, rather than get down the box, spray glue, etc. It can be sprayed inside, with piece of paper towel behind to protect the spray area.

This is probably a more healthy spray glue to be using.

Once it dried overnight (see comment below) it was very strong, and the two papers did not separate even when I wetted and embossed them.


This sprayed on WET! I had to leave it overnight to dry, which is too slow when I'm working. It also caused some warping of the paper. This is fine with how I work, because I’m going to wet and form the paper anyways. But I can see where you would have to be aware of the warping in other projects.

It’s persnickety – you have to remove the spray nozzle and clean with warm water after every use. (For my purposes, this may negate the “quick and easy use” aspect. )

I couldn’t find the archival rating. It says it “resists yellowing” but nowhere in looking online could I find the words “archival” or “acid-free” in connection (other E6000 products do).

VERDICT: I can see where I would find uses for this product, but it won't replace my Scotch Super 77. (Amazon purchase link)

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